Structured Chaos Fiber Farm

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About Us

Wendi was born and raised in Northern California.  Her mom grew up around horses and made sure Wendi had a chance to work with animals at a young age by participating in 4H.  Her grandpa had also boarded horses which exposed Wendi to taking care of large amounts of animals. 


In her twenties she had children and took up the art of crochet, knitting and stitching.  She started a business where she made blankets, hats, scarfs, booties etc.  She had been self taught and now 20 years later is quite the fiber artist working with her Alpaca fiber.  With the kids older and in school she went back to college to become a registered nurse, motivated by the many medical issues her son was experiencing with his gut and autism diagnosis. 


In the last few years she and her husband Todd got the bug to want to start a farm to provide work for their son when he becomes an adult.  They searched for livestock that were docile and easy to care for so Adults with special needs would be safe and enjoy their experience around the animals.  She visited an Alpaca Ranch in Loomis, CA and immediately fell in love with the amazing calmness they brought and as you look at their huge eyes, you just melt.  She told her husband we are starting an Alpaca Ranch, the rest is history.



Tuesday, February 27, 2024