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Building a new farm in 2024 from scratch

Online Farm Store coming soon

Our online farm store will open in May 2024

Welcome to our website!

Our company mission is: To build and maintain a self sufficient regenerative farm that produces meat, fruit, vegetables and most importantly fiber.

Our purpose is: To provide a safe and rewarding work environment for special needs adults to thrive and excel at their skill level.

We do this because our own son is severely autistic and non-verbal and want to have a place where he can thrive and contribute. This journey has been 10 years in the making and this is our 5th and final farm we are going to build. We feel like the previous 4 farms were our trial run to give us the practice to take on this big endeavor to build our new 132 acre farm in Centerville, TN.

Polyface FarmsTo learn more about regenerative farming please visit Polyface Farms and follow Joel Salatin.

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