Structured Chaos Fiber Farm

Where Chaos Brings Peace and Quality to Life

Services and Food

We offer or will soon offer the following services:

    • EDUCATION:   Attend classes on how to manually process fiber and knit.
    • EGGS: Pasture raised Chickens
      • Mini Excavator (tree and stump removal, pond cleaning, culvert installation etc)
      • Skid Steer (Pad prep, driveway maintenance, trenching up to 4ft, soil conditioning, ground seeding)
      • Tractoring: (hay cutting and baling services, bush hogging)
      • Fiber Mill
      • Chicken Meat
      • Airbnb Unique Farm Stays
      • Camp Sites
      • Short Term RV stays
      • Event Venue
      • Fruit
      • Vegetables
      • Hardwood lumber and sawmill services
      • Beef
      • Pork

Friday, March 8, 2024