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We're BACK!

new farm

Yes, we are up and running with some structured chaos once more! A lot has happened since 2021. A simple visit to our Tennessean family for the holidays turned into a motivation for us to move once more to the beautiful landscape of rural Tennessee! Not only was it closer to family, but it turned out to be more space and less heat for our animals, and I had an exciting opportunity waiting for me on the other side. I got the chance to buy back my software company to build and grow it the way I intended. After 3 years of devotion to my business, I was given an offer to sell it. After some sleepless nights mulling over the decisions, I decided to take up that offer. This opened up a whole new chapter in our lives because we now have the time and money to build up our farm business. Wendi was also able to retire as a NICU nurse and begin her Fiber Mill business. After years of hard work and dedication, our dreams are finally coming true. I reflect back on the many times we have started this farm business, it is truly a blessing how far we have come. In 2014, 10 years ago now, we started with a small 10 acre homestead in California. A couple years later, we moved that homestead to Texas in 2017, growing from 10 acres to 17 acres (and growing the amount of animals with it!) Then we moved again in texas to a 26 acre farm where we were established for 3 years. Tired of the heat, we moved to Tennessee with our other family to 2 acres, a serious downgrade from the last. Now, we have finally settled on a 132 acre farm here in Centerville, Tennessee, our FOREVER farm. Trust me, I plan to be buried on the back 40 here. This farm has amazing potential and rich land but unfortunately was grossly neglected. With that, I’ve got a big project ahead of me to bring it back to its glory, and I have never been more excited. As I walk across the property I am greeted with beautiful active springs, ponds, gorgeous hardwood trees, a natural waterfall, plenty of hollors for hikes and our very own firing range.  We have acre upon acre of majestic pastures and pastures in the making. The property is also lush with wild game like turkey and deer. Not to mention the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets each day to remind me of how lucky I am to endevor this journey. Being a history buff, I had to know what this property has been through and I was intrigued. In the late 1800s this place was operated by a blacksmith on the backside of the creek and was then owned by hog and cattle ranchers who kept the land until the mid 1900s. The latest owners were hunters with a couple horses, so the land hasn’t been operated as a farm for quite some time. With that, clearing this land has been a beast as it has been completely consumed by the forest growth. But, as of right now, clearing this land to bring it back to life is our top priority, and I just can’t wait to get my hands dirty.

Wendi and I are excited for this new adventure in our lives and will continue to update y’all on the progress through any social media app, so stay tuned ;) 

Happy farming,

Todd and Wendi Eccles